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新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Education Group (TEG) is one of the oldest, most successful and reputable private education institution in Malaysia and the region. It provides an exceptional educational experience to over 22,000 students in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. With its unsurpassed track record built up over the last six decades, it had earned the reputation for being the centre of excellence Early Years to Postgraduate Education.


新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 University

新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 University is a modern and progressive university, well respected and regarded as one of Malaysia's most reputable private universities. It offers a comprehensive range of programmes from Foundation Studies to Postgraduate Degrees. 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 provides diverse study options, partnerships with leading universities worldwide and strong industry linkages to students from around the world. Learn More...

新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 College

For more than four decades, 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 College has been a centre of excellence in Pre-university studies in Malaysia, renowned for its academic excellence and unbeatable track record in placing students in top universities around the world. It operates in the biggest independent centre for Cambridge A'Levels in the world, as well as the most successful South Australian Matriculation (SAM)/SACE International programme in Malaysia. Learn More...

新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Schools

At 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Schools, with a heritage of more than six decades, we provide world-class education for more than 5,000 students from 60 nations They are renowned for our teaching excellence and commitment to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global Community. Under the 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Schools are:

The British University Vietnam (BUV)

The British University Vietnam (BUV) located in Hanoi is a foreign owned university offering undergraduate programmes in the п?Ѓeld of Business. We offer international Business Management. Marketing Management, Accounting & Finance and Accounting & Business from Staffordshire University, UK and the University of London International Programmes B.Sc Banking and Finance degree. Learn More...

新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Education Pte Ltd (TEPL)

新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Education Pte Ltd (TEPL) serves as the business development engine for 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Education Group. The mission of this division is to explore, endorse, and eventually incubate new businesses that align with TEG, with a particular focus on expansion beyond Malaysia as well as into burgeoning areas of the education sector, such as education technology, and non-degree-oriented programming, including supplementary educational services. TEPL office is currently located at 29 Stanley Street, 02-01 Singapore 068738. For more information, email them at info@taylors.com.sg

TEG Assets Sdn Bhd (TASB)

TEG Assets Sdn Bhd (TASB) established in 2007 is an investment holding company under 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Education Group focusing on property & assets investment and management. The portfolio of properties & assets of TASB majorly supports the Group's core business in education industry and includes the following properties:

  • 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Lakeside Campus
  • 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 College Subang Jaya Campus
  • Australian International School Malaysia Campus
  • Garden International School, Bukit Kiara
  • Garden International School, EYC
  • Wisma Subang Jaya
  • Office units in Leisure Commerce Square
  • Lands in Puchong & Indera Mahkota, Kuantan


In addition to that, TASB also provides mall management of the SYOPZ Mall located next to 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 University Lakeside campus. Syopz Mall strategically serves the Lakeside Campus community with retail outlets such as food & beverage; books & stationary shops; convenience stores; self-service laundry; banking services and lots more. Learn More...

新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Hostel Management

新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 Hostel Management provides quality on-campus and off-campus accommodation options located within safe and conducive environments. With over 13 years of experience, we are the leading experts of student accommodation management in Malaysia. Our quality services, facilities and Resident Welfare Support programme help over 1,400 local and international residents every year adapt to their new living and learning environment at 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播. Learn More...


In 2011, 新英体育下载_新英体育在线-app*直播 University becomes the first private university in Malaysia to launch an 80-room R&D-concept boutique hotel within its Lakeside Campus. Ruemz is not just a modern hotel facility for guests but it also served as training and research facilities for the Faculty of Hospitality, Food and Leisure Management. In 2015, TripAdvisor ranks Ruemz Hotel as Subang Jaya's #2 hotel behind Grand Dorsett Subang. Over the past 7 years, the team has the pleasure of serving over 20,000 satisfied guests from all over the world. Learn More...


To educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community.


RESPECTING and caring for each other
Being dedicated to a culture of EXCELLENCE
Acting with INTEGRITY
Being PASSIONATE in what we do
Creating ENJOYABLE environments

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